Cyber Attacks from Ghana Shake the Internet

Have you seen large amounts of misinformation in the past week? Here's why

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What happened?

For the past week there have been a large amount of reports from multiple websites and companies about hacked accounts, denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and stolen personal information & data. Misinformation has also been spread widely among some of the world's largest and most trusted publications from The New York Times to CNN, CNNN, and even FUNNYSMASHRELATABLE NEWS (Yes even we got hacked)

The cyberattacks were traced to the African country Ghana; known for spikes of cybercrime including hacking and scamming in the past decade. NordVPN emailed 1000s of people on Monday explaining they have more information available about the specifics of the hackers. We are not currently at liberty to release the details provided in these emails.

A young whistleblower from one of the hotspots in which the hackers were located released photos taken by some of the people documenting the attacks in secret. Here are some of the whistleblower's photos we were able to obtain.



Hackers at work writing false articles while being supervised by what we believe is infamous superhacker who goes by the alias "Jamar"


Group of hackers in back of 18-wheeler mobile hacking center. When enhanced one can be seen writing something in Javascript.


Multiple faces seen in photograph above. Facial details of man in yellow shirt on the left match famous comedian Hannibal Buress. He was out of the United States recently in an unknown location and will be questioned by FUNNYSMASHRELATABLE NEWS.

Articles you may have seen

Some of the articles written by these hackers include the following:

"Isreal lunched nuke at palacetine" - Al Jazeera

"Trump not bad guy after all" - CNN

"Biden help granma cross the road" - Fox News

"dow jones is really mean guy" - Yahoo Finance

"funnysmashrelatable is selling your information to facebook" - FUNNYSMASHRELATABLE NEWS

"heres why u should giv your dog chocolate 4 chrissmiss" - Huffington Post

"ace watkins wins 2020 election and become king of america" - Hard Drive

"we were wrong about everything. go watch ntv news insted" - The Onion

"xbox wins we are died do not buy new zelda game" - NintendoLife


And there's more but we'll just leave you with these to save your time. Almost all of these articles have been deleted by the companies they were posted under and all journalists' accounts that were hacked have been backed up and retrieved. However, we didn't delete our article and here's why.

Why we didn't remove our fake article

You may have read the recent hitpiece against us by our very own Dave "Bobbyson" Jones. We can assure you that the information in this article is 100% false and that Dave himself is doing just fine and we have recovered as a company from this cyber attack. However unlike the other publications and media outlets, we have decided to not scrub the articles that the poor African children made for 3 reasons.


The bullsh*t article written about us by Ghanian hacker.

Reason 1: These children spent a lot of time making them

These African children spent so much time and effort making these fake articles. We're going to preserve their efforts unlike any other media outlet. Instead of sweeping their hard work under the rug we will keep it on our website with pride. Since these attacks our security has improved and we have moved on from this incident. And we thank these African children for making that happen sooner...

Reason 2: Our readers are smart

As fake and misleading as the articles are, our readers know better than to trust something like that. They know that we are an honorable media outlet that does not lie, and only delivers truth and facts. If you trust FUNNYSMASHRELATABLE to be your primary source of news, then you know better than to think that we would sell your information (which we don't collect) to our main competitor Facebook.

Reason 3: We don't hide our failures as a company

We have integrity, when we fail we want you to know it so you can see that we are honest. In the rare occasions that we are making mistakes and paying a heavy price for them, you can trust that we will let you know. We HATE censorship, even against our own hacked journalists. 

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