President Trump Challenges Joe Biden to a Smash Bros. 1v1

President Trump challenges Joe Biden to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 1v1. Here are the details and some input from multiple sources commenting on the event.

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The Details


SATURDAY - The Trump Administration is taking a step in the direction of appealing to the gaming community. On Sunday morning campaign managers received a direct order from the President himself to "bomb the shit out of Sleepy Joe's discord and gmail" to formally request a presidential duel between the two nominees in a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 1v1 competition. Trump laid out the rules earlier on Monday evening to his campaign staff:


"I want it to be best of 5, I want it to be in person and near the White House with no interference from the Democrats or the lame stream media. I will not play Netplay, Netplay is a disgrace, a horrible horrible disgrace."

President Trump (Monday 7:12 PM)


The President also laid out the rules in which he wanted the Best of 5 to be played with. 


"Fox only, no items, I know you Democrats love the items, it will be on the tremendous final destination, it will be a fair fight and I'm going to win."

President Trump (Monday, 7:14 PM)


We are still waiting for Joe Biden's campaign staff report if they accept the match. Multiple companies have made public statements on their support for the event and are willing to financially back the expenses of the event and provide management for the advertisements and tournament organization. The most notable of these companies are Facebook, Geico, Goldman Sachs, and MyPillow Inc. among others. But there are still questions in the air such as ? When will it take place? Will the election pose trouble to the organization of the event? And will Trump choose other games to challenge Biden or other opponents to? And what is the official prize? A lot still remains to be seen.

The Location


The Location requested by the Trump Administration is inside the House Chamber located on Capitol Hill. There has already been a temporary tournament ready setup that has been approved and will remain up for several days. We can only assume that this means the Tournament must be happening within the week if Biden agrees to play. 

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has yet to comment on the possible event and neither has Joe Biden's vice president running mate Kamala Harris. Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk both liked the tweet Donald Trump sent out on Twitter announcing this event, this means they will be confirmed attendees.  

The secret service are voicing concern about security risks involving the event. Spectators will have to be chosen by the administration staff themselves and will be thoroughly checked for weapons or suspicious objects and materials. 

This is The President's Tweet from Monday.


Trump supporters and Biden supporters alike seem to have mixed feelings about this possible event. Some trump supporters have concerns about the conditions of the event being rigged. And some biden supporters are expressing worries about possible 3rd party controllers interfering with the match and giving Donald Trump the upperhand.

But it isn't just the possibilities of cheating that are being discussed. It's also the conditions in which Trump demanded the game would be played with. 

"The fox only final destination ruleset is so dated and unfair, they should pick their characters and come up with stage picks"



"Donald's a classic man. A fox only final destination match would be more fair than this year's actual election"



Despite all the commotion and discussion. We still need to be absolutely sure that the Biden campaign is on board with Trump's proposition and that an event is confirmed by the White House. We will keep you updated on the latest.


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